First free money

Let`s get started with the fun stuff now.

There are many different options when you want to get free money. Some are very easy, others requires some effort.

Online casinos are giving away free money. You are maybe wondering why they give away free money? Well, they want to get you hooked on playing, gambling and hoping you`re going to deposit to play even more. But we are not going to deposit if don`t win anything. We are just going to deposit if we win something – online casinos often require one deposit for you to withdraw the winnings. So, if we win enough we deposit and withdraw our winnings.










Let`s start with something that is easy for everyone Bingo. You don`t have to be skilled to play bingo. Just buy bingo tickets and hope for a big win. There are hundreds of bingo sites online and many give away free money but start with this how to play online bingo. Just choose one of the sites from the free money link above. Register and start to play. If you win, just follow the instructions on the bingo site on how to deposit and withdraw.

If you have any questions, I´m gonna help you.

In the next post, I`m going to reveal a big free money saver and earner – that everybody can use and it`s an offline method.


Free Stuff

Let`s face it. We all want it – Free money.

I`m going to give examples, how to get easy and free cash. There will be some obstacles, challenges, but it`s going to be fun me.

free stuff

So where do I get free stuff?

Gift cards from e-stores, casinos they give away free money to play with, filling out surveys, download apps, change your prescription to a new drug store(yeah it`s true) and lots of more places. Just use your imagination and you will find them.

Money makes your life easier. If you’re lucky to have it, you’re lucky.

Why do they give things for free?

The short answer. They want your money. Hey,  if they invest $10 and get $100 back it`s a big win for them.

But we are you just going to enjoy the free money and not get more involved.

Any danger in this?

Well not really.  You`re gonna get your email spammed from the companies. So I suggest you open a new email just for the free stuff. Just google free email and pick one that is easy to use.

Be careful when filling out your information on websites, so that you don`t  order something you don`t want.

In the next post we are going to dive right in the free stuff.